TLDR: Please use our logos. Send us a 16:9 (538×300) small image, a 9:16 (1080×1920) large image, a description of the band,
and a 3-5 word tagline for the ads.

Please send all images, info, and marketing or event questions to

The Grape is first and foremost a music venue, so it is important to us that as many people come to listen and enjoy our musical guests as possible. Two thirds of our floorspace is dedicated to the music listening experience, and we have separate room for the bar. This separation allows us to detach the hustle and bustle of a cocktail bar from the musical performance.

We have created this page to help musicians provide the information we need to market your band, and also to provide the marketing tools, assets, and guidance to the artists, to help them self-market. The end goal is to have a full room and a great experience.

Our Marketing Avenues

We currently market using the following:

  • Our Events Calendar (link)
  • Email Newsletter
  • The VC Reporter (Print and Digital) (link)
  • Our inhouse advertising board



Images for your marketing

Download our Logos

Our standard logo in PNG format with our tagline.

Ideally used on a light colored background or with a white stroke.


Our one line logo with our tagline. Also ideally used with a light background or white stroke.


Images for Our Marketing

If you like to create your own marketing materials, then please send us as much of the following as possible. This will really help us get the word out about your event.

  • A small 16:9 image for our online calendar, newsletter, print/digital media calendar.
  • A large 9:16 image for our in house advertising board.
  • A 4:3 image for Facebook and Instagram

Event Calendar & Print/Digital Media Calendar Image

A 16:9 ideally or specifically 538×300 pixel image for our print/digital media calendar. Better images have good contrast, either bright colors or rich black & white, and showcase the band style.

In House Advertising Board

A high definition image showcasing your event, band, and any relevant information. This is displayed on our rotating advertising board in the bar area and our patrons walk past it on their way into the music venue.

Text should be clearly visible and not too small. Too much text is not recommended. Material used for fliers is ideal.

Information that is useful to us.

The information listed is valuable for us to accurately describe your band in all of our marketing media.

  • Band Name
  • Comprising artists: including the instrument they will play on the night:
    • e.g. Dave McDavison (vocals, guitar)
  • Musical style ideally 3-5 words:
    • e.g. Guitar led fusion
  • Any specific info you want highlighted
    • e.g. Returning from a tour of Europe

Information that may be useful to you.

  • We are located at 2733 E. Main Street, Ventura, CA 93003
  • We are next door to Yolanda’s Mexican Cafe, and over the street from Kibo Sushi.
  • We have a green room with a private bathroom where the musicians can stow their gear, eat, change, or relax before and after the show.