Back in 2010 Josh and Adam set out to create a venue to sell their world class wines and live jazz. It didn’t take long for them to see the large crowds showing up to watch big named artists play and sip some wine. Their small location and large crowd size started to become an issue, so they needed to find a larger venue. Josh and Adam loved the area so they knew it had to be in Ventura and still have that “Home Style Feel”.
In 2016 they set out to find a bigger place that they could still grow with. A few months in they found the perfect place and it was still in Mid-town Ventura. Over the next 4 years they have been building out the new location and eventually they changed their name to The Grape, House of Jazz and Spirits to separate themselves from the wine making company of “Squashed Grapes”. Fast forward past covid to now, Josh, Adam, and partners have successfully opened the best Jazz house in Ventura County.